Cesanese del Piglio is a type of red berried DOCG wine produced in the municipalities of Piglio, Serrone, Acuto, Anagni and Paliano, all in the province of Frosinone. The oenological heart of this enchanted corner of land is Piglio, an ancient town whose name seems to derive from the pileum, a helmet of Roman origin. Here the vineyards have always been cultivated, in perfect harmony with a millenary peasant culture and with a luxuriant and overbearing nature.

A severe and at the same time idyllic territory, where each hill is dotted with the old roofs of tiles of hamlets and perched villages. A few kilometers from Piglio there is Anagni, a medieval pearl with a superb cathedral. And Paliano then, with the narrow alleys once walked by Caravaggio. And Acuto, Serrone. Smoking chimneys, crenellated walls, arcane stone churches: everything here goes back to a noble and glorious past, which has spanned the centuries to arrive intact before our bewitched eyes.

Here, Italian wine excellence knows how to explode in all its fascinating power. We want to be the spearhead of this movement, through a vision capable of fusing ancient knowledge and new operating methods.