The vineyards of the company are distributed between the municipalities of Piglio and Anagni, at a height of about 300 meters above sea level. They are located at the foot of the Ernici Mountains, in an almost uncontaminated natural environment.

Our story was born from a common dream, shared by Ambrogio, Tonino and Michele; three friends with a fixed thought: that of enclosing a noble and ancient world in a bottle of wine. A world where Man and Nature could continue to live together in mutual respect, as they have done in these lands for millennia. Not just any product, therefore, but top-quality oenological excellence, capable of expressing an entire cultural and territorial philosophy.

The dream then came true with the establishment of a new Agricultural Winery. After having carefully chosen lands with absolute agronomic value and superbly exposed, in 2015 18,000 square meters of new vineyards were planted – all from pure clones of Cesanese di Piglio and Affile – which were joined to another 22,000 square meters planted over the years 60′ and 80′. This mix of vineyards divided into several parcels gave way to the idea of directing the production of wines directly on “single cru”; then wines from specific vineyards, arranged on very different soils in terms of conformation and exposure, so that the final products could best represent the pure expression of each individual vine.

From the subsequent meeting with the winemaker Michele Lorenzetti, the idea was born to aim for a perfect harmony between nature, agriculture and people, through the choice to follow the path of biodynamics from the first day of life of the new vineyards.