We like to think of our cellar as a casket, which contains knowledge, flavors, experiences and an infinite passion for what we do. Within these walls, through constant and painstaking work, the grapes become nectar, and our dreams are transformed into reality. In the middle of the barrels and amphorae, then, a small tasting corner welcomes guests who want to taste the fruit of our work. A cellar that is a laboratory of emotions. Where something absolutely unique is born day after day: our wine.


Biodynamic cultivation was chosen from the beginning as the reference agronomic method, with the aim of outlining the distinctive traits of quality in our wines. Biodynamics is quality, it builds it through a virtuous relationship between soil and plant. Soil is an ecosystem where thousands of different microorganisms coexist, all involved in the maintenance of the biological structure and in the conservation of the organic substance and humus. This vitality is the very secret of quality. The vine grows in the best possible place and consequently expresses itself at its maximum, accumulating in the grapes all the components that we will then find in the glass. To achieve this, we work with Carlo Noro’s biodynamic preparations and take advantage of the experience of our winemaker Michele Lorenzetti. The preparations, through their correct use, ensure the maintenance of the vital organization of the soil and represent the basis of our quality process. The grapes that are born through this harmonious relationship between soil and plant will have everything needed to ferment correctly and spontaneously. In this way, therefore, our wines will not need any additive, net of very low quantities of sulfur that we put a few weeks before bottling.


Unique in our area, we use terracotta amphorae for Passerina and some Cesanese coupages. These particular containers assure us of a prompt evolution of the wine, through an excellent relationship of the same with the oxygen during the 8 months of permanence in the terracotta. The use of amphorae for wine has very ancient origins, and this kind of container represents the first container in which the wine was produced, 8000 years ago. A bond with history that we wanted to pick up and carry on. Because to look to the future, you always have to look back first.

We combine the large-capacity native chestnut barrels with our best Cesanese. The wine we produce must have the flavors and smells of our lands, it must reflect identity and tradition. Our best selections will be so refined, as well as in amphora, also in chestnut and in the cements which ensure that the characteristics of these grapes are kept clear and sharp. A skilful mix of refinement techniques and materials: hence our uniqueness.